Filipina Ladyboys

Hiring Filipina Ladyboys for Your Entire Visit

Some people just aren’t comfortable going from one establishment to another, picking up different Filipina ladyboys every night. While many men enjoy the process of scouting out fresh meat to score, others just find it exhausting. Of course, just because you are not big on the whole hiring process doesn’t mean you should go without during your stay.

Just like female escorts, there are similar services available that offer Ladyboys in the Philippines. You can hire one for your entire vacation or even a specific number of days and they will accompany you doing whatever you want. They are not only there to provide you with sex as you please, they are also a companion to go sightseeing, shopping , eating or simply laying on the beach with.

Why Use a Service?

Hiring Filipina ladyboys can be a lot more stressful than hiring a female prostitute. First of all, there’s only certain bars that cater to this type of scene and the last thing you want to do is hire them off the streets. If you want to have any shot at all of having Safe Sex in the Philippines, you will avoid hiring a freelancer at all costs. These are the ones you have to worry about where theft, drugging and violence are concerned.

Even hiring Filipina ladyboys in bars can be stressful, especially if you are new to the process. Not everyone enjoys asking about bar fines, negotiating prices and then finding a friendly hotel. Keep in mind that not all hotels are guest-friendly. When you hire an escort for an extended stay, it simply looks as though you are traveling with your significant other rather than bringing someone new back to your room every night.


Depending on the escort company you use or the person you hire, some professionals offer a lot of additional services that you may appreciate especially if you are visiting on business or for an extended stay. You may request one that will cook, clean, do your laundry, iron, etc. Some are happy to provide these services for an additional fee while others will not.

It is important to note that when hiring Filipina ladyboys for an extended stay, you are expected to pay for everything in addition to their fee. This means that if you want to go snorkeling, golfing or take tours, you will pay for both of you.

At the end of your arrangement, you are also expected to provide a tip. It doesn’t matter how many expensive dinners you went to or if you bought your friend an entire new wardrobe, a tip is required. Don’t think that you did your companion a favor even if you wined and dined them. Do you really think you are the first person to spend a little money on them? They are professionals after all. Nothing substitutes a cash gratuity. If you are not sure what the appropriate amount is, ask the escort service for a recommendation based on the length of the arrrangement.

Picking Your Date

Most escort services of this nature arrange a night out on the town with someone in charge and four or five ladyboys. You will spend a few hours chatting, drinking, dancing and getting to know them. During this time you can find out if they have any special talents, etc. This allows you to pick the one that you think you will enjoy spending time with the most.

After you pick which one of the Filipina ladyboys that you like, you negotiate  length of stay and pricing with the person who arranged the meet and greet. Traditionally, you will pay them and then you and your new friend can be on your way to an exciting time together or you may need to make arrangements to pick them up or meet them later after they’ve had time to pack some things to bring.