Angeles City Bar Girls

Top 10 Places to Find Angeles City Bar Girls

Angeles City bar girls are some of the best looking, most talented and friendly girls in the Philippines.  However, depending on where you go, you can end up in a place where they will pester you to buy non-stop drinks without even sitting to chat for a bit.  Undoubtedly, if you are looking for a good time, Angeles City is where the party is but you should use this guide and avoid those secluded bars down the dark alley!

1.      Fire and Ice – If you prefer a more laid back kind of atmosphere to pick up Angeles City bar girls, Fire and Ice is a perfect blend of nightclub and sports bar rolled into one.  This is a large venue with a nice size stage, sophisticated lighting and sound system and plenty of plasma televisions so you can watch the game and the girls at the same time.  This bar opens at 8 am for pool and breakfast and the girls are on stage from 10 am until midnight.

2.      Club Atlantis – Located on Fields Avenue, Club Atlantis opened in January 2008.  This is one of the most popular places to pick up Angeles City bar girls because the club is literally three floors full of wall to wall women.  There is an abundance of prime and comfortable seating and the second floor offers pool tables.  Want to have a private party?  There are VIP sections here too!  Club Atlantis is open from 7 pm until 5 am every night.

3.      Insomnia Bar – Since opening in 2001, Insomnia bar seems to be busy all the time.  Here you will find the only fireman’s pole in Angeles City for the girls to slide down.  The dancers are on stage from 5 pm to 5 am and prices are moderate enough to hang out for awhile.

4.      Tropix Club – This club opened in April of 2008 and has remained a preferred choice to find hot Angeles City bar girls.  Tropix has some of the best dancers around who actually move on stage and offer featured talent and synchronized routines.  Every night you will find body painting, dance routine competitions and sexy model performances.  You will find this club in the heart of the city’s Entertainment Complex.

5.      Rhapsody Bar – This is a unique Go Go bar that provides music that goes back in time a bit which is appreciated by many sex travelers who aren’t really into the loud techno music.  It is a tame place but late at night you can catch the girls exposing a little extra in hopes of someone paying a bar fine for them.

6.      Winchester Club – There are plenty of pretty Angeles City bar girls here and the environment is definitely fun.  The owner’s name is Bill who the girls and visitors all seem to adore.  The bar is decorated in dubious cartoons and he keeps the girls dressed in as little as possible so he is pretty picky about the quality.  You’ll find some good looking ones here for sure!

7.      Lollipop Bar – This is definitely one of the most fun party places in Angeles City.  There is always something interesting going on here from games to contests to female competitions. Lollipop Bar has everything you need and the girls are known for being some of the cutest and sweetest in the city.

8.      Doll House – Here is the biggest entertainment venue in Angeles City, spanning over 4,000 sq ft. There is a restaurant here, pool tables, televisions and several stages.  The Doll House is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, full of more girls that you could imagine.  Their featured acts are the Baby Dolls and the Cultural Dancers.

9.      Fantasy – Located right in the core of Fields Avenue, Fantasy has a superb DJ, 30 waitresses and 100 gorgeous dancers here and they have an international management team to help break through any language barriers.

10.  Genesis Club – This is one of the newest bars in Angeles City.  Opening August of 2009, there are at least 120 Angeles City bar girls working here every night so you shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding one that you like.  The Genesis Club opens every evening at 7 pm and doesn’t close until 4 am.